Is your life on cruise control and you're no longer holding the wheel? Do you feeling frustrated and want to reclaim control, but don't know how?

Take …

The Road to 
Happiness and Fulfillment! 

An 7 week Mindset Program that will give you the tools necessary to wake up excited about your day and direction of your future.

Study Group

What is the Road to Happiness to Happiness and Fulfillment ?

It is a highly interactive Program divided over 7 week span with a one hour weekly Live Online training.

Each session will have a unique topic and valuable insight that will challenge the participants perspective on life. Each class is interactive where participants are encouraged to share their own experiences so that others can have their own "aha" moments. Every class will have assignments for the following weeks so that the information presented can be put into action right away.


What will you get out of this Program?

This program will teach you practical and actionable steps that you can take and apply right away in order to break bad habits, overcome emotional frustrations, conquer fear and doubt. By the end of the program you will have the clarity and the framework to take control of your future and live purpose filled, abundantly satisfying and overall a happier and meaningful life.

In the 6th class of the program, called "Action", you will be tasked to create realistic, measurable and achievable goals and a clear plan of action


Who is this program for?

The Road to Happiness and Fulfillment is meant to help someone who've reached a certain level of success in life, but is frustrated with their current situation and unsure about the direction their lives is heading; unsure of what would take to make them feel alive again. If you have asked yourself if there is more to life than the direction you're currently going, this program is for you.


Sounds interesting! What's next?

If you want to find out more you have 3 options.

  1. Sign up for the 1 hour Crash Course Class, in which I go over the program in a compressed matter.  

  2. Sign up for the Full 7 Week Program where you will get all the insights tools and homework. 

  3. Sign up for 1 on 1 Mentoring Session with me, Serban.

Contact me for any questions! 

Brent P. 

             Serban's Program brought out my limiting beliefs and plopped them right in front of me in a way that made me want to deal with them.

           The cohort of participants fostered great discussion and helped me gain new perspectives on the aspects of myself that were holding me back.

           The program material is laid out such that you aren't left in the cold when the class is over. Serban gives you the tools, motivation, and mentorship to keep your forward momentum going!

Septimiu S.

           I am always the person with clear and defined goals. However, after being promoted to a management role I found myself ‘stuck’ with no clear direction on what’s next for my career.  This is the time I found Serban and his program. It completely shifted my mindset!

            His structured approach has not only helped me in identifying my limiting beliefs that many of us choose to ignore, but also provided me the tools on how to transform them into opportunities. This lead me to important breakthroughs that contributed to the success I enjoy in both my personal and professional life.

            His easy to follow program provided me with the much-needed clarity to shift my life into the next gear.

Max P.

             This is a great program for anyone who’s looking to alter their life’s trajectory and learn about success principles. When I attended the full 8-week program, I was amazed at how much I learned about myself and was able to fix gaps in my thinking and mindset. The program not just helps you identify your passion, but also walks you through the process of altering your mindset and discovering yourself so that you can take action to make your dreams a reality. 

              Serban is also a great teacher, he explains things clearly and has a way of articulating things to make the most impact. He is a go-giver, extremely passionate about sharing his learnings from his journey of personal transformation and make a difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve happiness and fulfillment.