About me

My name is Serban. I came from Romania when I was 23 with nothing but the desire to live the American Dream.


After 12 years of hustling in the word of Electrical Engineering and living what I thought was "The American Dream", I learned what many successful people have realized: money and "stuff" does not what makes us happy. In the last years I've embarked on a personal transformation journey. I have learned what it truly means to be happy and satisfied in life. I have accumulated an abundance of knowledge and created the Fulfillment Formula. It is the formula I live by in my own life. I'm sharing with you o you may fast track your own transformation journey towards a happier and more fulfilled life. 

How is it that looking from outside in we are considered successful, having and owing so many things, maybe a successful job, a good relationship, financial stability, yet at the end of the day feel drained, unsatisfied with life, wondering: "Is this it? What else is there? Is this all that life has to offer?


I was born in Romania where for the first 7 years of my life I lived during Communism. Growing up I did not live in luxury and often times my parents struggled to provide for our family. I never had to stave, however I did get suspicious of my parent's financial situation when Santa brought me 3 years in a row just socks. Growing up I never imagined that living in America was even a possibility. Yet, when the opportunity presented itself in 2005 to work and live in the US, I eagerly took it.


I've heard so many times the phrase "Living The American Dream", but I never fully grasped what that meant. For 12 years I worked hard and tirelessly to build what I understood was "The Dream": Have a good, secure corporate job, become a home owner, get married, travel, have children (or not), save for retirement, get a dog (or cat), travel some more and make sure to collect stuff. That is what I saw in so many movies when I was younger, it is what my parents have told me many times and what society has hinted at while growing up. And I was for sure falling into the rules and expectation of modern society.


However, as years went by, I often stopped from just cruising through life and wondered if there is more to it. Was I allowed to imagine any other life than the one it was already laid out for me by others? Everyone around me seems to be doing the same thing, but I wasn't sure that this path was really making them happy. Deep down, I felt that it wasn't making me happy. I felt guilty and shameful as I had more in my life that I could ever imagine. I wasn't sick, I had beautiful home, family, financial stability, but too often I felt empty, frustrated as my life was just passing me by and I was just there, sitting in the passenger's seat, just letting it pass by. For a few years I've struggled to find out what was that I wanted in life, what would make me feel valuable, what would make me feel significant, happy, but most importantly feel good about myself, fulfilled. It was a challenging part in my life as hoped there was more to life than what I've experienced until that point. I knew that I had more potential and that I can create and do something that I would be proud of that would make me sleep well at night.


A few years went by being in this state of feeling lost, building up with frustrations and trying to carve my own way through life, but having no clue how or any kind of direction. One day my wonderful wife suggested I should listen to an interview that Lewis Howes had with Les Brown. It created a spark! From there, another friend introduced me to Tom Bilyeu and his wonderful podcasts, which was the incredible catalyst I needed in my life. Tom opened my mind to new possibilities, new ideas and new ways to think and behave towards my future. With his guidance and many others like him, I was able to evolve and transform my life from being on cruise control, doing OK, to being able to have clarity in what it takes not just to be happy, but have a purposeful and fulfilled life that I get excited about every day. A life that is unique to me, that I enjoy, that is not dictated or influenced by society, by my family or friends, but rather by my own values and aspirations. A life that, even though it has challenges and difficulties, struggles and setback, it is my own and I enjoy it more and more every day.


By taking the lessens that I've heard in countless podcast, books, courses that I immersed myself in and applying them in my own life, I was able to come up with a formula that has kept me on this path, on this road to happiness and fulfillment, which brings me joy, keeps me motivated to keep going and allows me to feel at peace with where I am in life and where I'm going. I was able to create healthy and helpful habits, build my passion in life, as well as create a plan towards a higher purpose: to help 1 million people brake out of cruise control to find their own unique path in life that will make them happy and fulfilled.


In order for me to be consistent on this path and live by this fulfillment formula I've broken it down in actionable steps that I apply and use every day. I have put these ideas on paper to be able to solidify them in my mind and then converted them into a 7 part program that explains these steps in details so that anyone can easily understand and apply them in their own life. This way they too can live a better and joyful live. These steps are described more here.


I know there are people out there like Tony Robbins who already has incredible programs that help people in a similar fashion, however I think more often is useful to learn and know what are the next 5 to 10 steps that someone need to take, not the next 1000. Just imagine having the clarity for your next 6 months to a year of what you want to do with your life so that you can live and be a more accomplished and successful you. How would you feel if you were to get up in the morning excited and energized knowing that what you are doing fuels your soul and makes you happy? Long gone are my days of being a drifter through life. How would if feel to take control of your life and the direction it's heading? Long gone are the days where I feel empty and lost. Today I know what makes me feel accomplished, what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. And all of it is because I've applied these formula to my life. The good news is that you too can join me on this Road. This is what I want to share with you by putting together this program and I know it will change your life. If you are ready, join me here.